Monday, April 25, 2011

Could Correcting Your Feet Help With Your Back?

While most lower back complaints are relieved by our chiropractic approach, some issues need support from the ground up.  Custom Foot Orthotics can be fitted to correct imbalances in foot posture and alignment. 
If you think about it, the structure of our spine begins at the ground with our feet.  When our feet are misaligned, as in a colapsed arch, the knee and hip will bend and rotate which will tilt the pelvis and unlevel the spine.  Check out this information sheet.  If this happens, no amount of work on the spine itself will have as lasting of an effect without correcting the feet.
Many people will benefit from custom orthotics while some absolutely need the support.  This is especially true in individuals whose feet are behaving very different from one another.  For example the left foot is flat, and the right is a normal or high arch.  The over-the-counter alternatives cannot make up for this difference because they are a generic on-size-fits all size.  Even the so-called custom inserts from Dr. Scholl's group individuals into generic categories and most importantly do not find the corrected foot position that the orthotic should maintain.
This is why we recommend Sole Supports.  Their unique casting and fitting approach fully corrects each foot to its normal position.  We do not know of any other brand to do this.  Find the link to their site on our homepage at

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