Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adult Scoliosis - Some Can Benefit from Flexible Bracing

In some cases of adult scoliosis, flexible bracing can be used to decrease pain, improve posture, and/or prevent progression of the scoliosis from worsening. 

Spinecor Adult Brace Treatment Objectives

1. Pain: The primary treatment objective of the SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace is most often pain relief; however, postural improvement is directly related to pain relief and therefore should also be considered as a secondary objective.

2. Posture:
Often, the posture changes seen, such as improvements in spinal decompensations, are responsible for stabilization or correction of progression and reductions in pain.

Progression: Correction/Stabilization of Spinal Deformities/Misalignments. In such cases, radiological evaluations are advised to optimize treatment. Radiological objectives may include optimization of spinal balance, reduction of spinal decompositions and reduction of Cobb angles. Please note significant correction of Cobb angles in adults will rarely be possible and therefore should not be the primary or only treatment objective.
Posture: Clinically appraised desirable postural changes will be patient specific and defined by both clinical and radiological
In other cases, bracing is not needed, and our mixture of chiropractic and scoliosis rehabilitation will be enough to get the desired results.
For more information on treatment of scoliosis for both adults and children visit the Scoliosis Center of North Carolina and Scoliosis Specialists.

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